Want to extend your wardrobe

Look no further. We are here to help you.

Looking for a good and reliable tailor in Khao Lak.
You are here at the right place, La Moda Suit has years of experience in providing the best quality and the perfect fit for all sorts of garments that you might be looking for.
The measurements are all done at your convenience at our shop where you will have a preliminary fitting before the final fitting.

Things we can do for you

Bespoke attire

Bespoke tailoring is a traditional way of making clothes by hand on the basis of an individual specifications.
This means that a tailor will measure the circumference of the chest, the waist, the back, and the seat, as well as the length and circumference of both legs and arms.

Formal clothing

Dark suits (single or double breasted ) for men. Long evening dress, dressy suit or formal cocktail-length dress for women.


Casual wear

Casual, smart casual or business casual, Blouses, Jackets, Shirts, Skirts & Trousers.

Special events

Tuxedos, Wedding dresses & Coats.


What our customers say

(Tripadvisor reviews)

Brilliant tailor Khoa Lak

My husband had a suit & shirt made while we have been on holiday. 4 days to make a suit that fits & is perfectly stylish is just pure talent!!! Don, the owner is a great man, fitting in with your holiday times for fittings, & keeps us entertained with great stories... great tailor, great memories! My husband looks amazing as always, but nothing beats a perfectly tailored suit

Love my suit

There are plenty of tailors in Khao Lak. It was our second visit and this time I wanted to by a suit. Don was fantastic offering his advice. Went back for a second fitting and measure to make sure the suit would be fine. Very happy with my tailor made suit and shirt, my friend decided to get a couple of shirts as well. If we visit again next year my wife said she will also visit Don for a jacket.

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